SMYLIN' JACK was founded by Doug Belford and Rick Johnson in 2005.  When Rick separated from the band, it pushed Smylin' Jack somewhat undercover and reformed in several formats - but the new line-up of Smylin Jack that has just busted loose as of January 2019, is definitely "ALL THAT JACK" !   The inside band joke is "We feel like the Traveling Wilburys in our own right".  Each band member has been a band leader and organizer for many decades.   Doug, Steve and Pauline gathered all the blood, sweat, tears (and scars) of their collective experiences and now bring to you, a new electrifying vibe to the stage. .... Smylin' Jack is back with a fresh new start with the same ol' love of live performing. 


Music from the neck down  is where it all starts.  Whether it's the power classic rock of the 70's,  flamboyant dance progressive movement of the 80's, grungy 90's to today, you will know them all and have a blast.   The goal is to "relax and rock"  - let Smylin' Jack's accomplished musicianship take you on a journey to "ROCK-N-ROLL UTOPIA!"